Dress like Old Money: The Top 10 Color Combos to Elevate Men's Fashion

Dress like Old Money: The Top 10 Color Combos to Elevate Men's Fashion



In the realm of men's fashion, the Old Money aesthetic is synonymous with timeless elegance and sophisticated style. Choosing the right color combinations plays a pivotal role in achieving that classic and refined look. In this guide, we'll explore the top 10 color combos for men's Old Money fashion, helping you elevate your wardrobe to reflect a heritage of enduring sophistication.

1. Navy and Camel

Highlight: A Classic Pairing for Timeless Elegance

Navy and camel are the epitome of traditional Old Money style. The deep richness of navy pairs seamlessly with the warmth of camel, creating a combination that is both refined and versatile. This timeless duo works exceptionally well for suits, blazers, and outerwear, offering a sophisticated look for various occasions.


2. Charcoal Gray and Burgundy

Highlight: Understated Opulence for Formal Affairs

For a touch of understated opulence, combine charcoal gray with deep burgundy. This color combo exudes sophistication and is perfect for formal events. A charcoal gray suit with a burgundy tie or a burgundy pocket square effortlessly channels Old Money charm.


3. Forest Green and Brown

Highlight: A Blend of Nature and Tradition

Infuse your wardrobe with a touch of the outdoors by pairing forest green with rich brown tones. This combination works wonders for casual wear, especially in autumn. Think a forest green sweater with brown chinos or a brown leather jacket over a green shirt for a relaxed yet refined look.


4. Camel and Cream

Highlight: Luxurious Neutrals for Everyday Elegance

Camel and cream create a luxurious and neutral palette that epitomizes everyday elegance. This combination is perfect for business casual settings or weekend outings. Consider a camel blazer with cream trousers or vice versa for a sophisticated, laid-back vibe.

5. Midnight Blue and Gold

Highlight: Regal Accents for Formal Flair

For formal occasions that demand a touch of regality, opt for the classic pairing of midnight blue and gold. Whether it's a midnight blue tuxedo with gold accessories or a gold tie with a navy suit, this combination adds a royal flair to your ensemble.



Elevating your wardrobe to reflect the Old Money aesthetic involves careful consideration of color combinations that stand the test of time. From classic navy and camel to contemporary gray and lavender, these top 10 color combos offer a roadmap to achieving the refined and sophisticated style associated with Old Money fashion. Experiment with these pairings, mix and match, and watch as your wardrobe transforms into a showcase of timeless elegance.

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